Peer to Peer Support

Our hotline phone number will connect you with one of our dedicated members who will happily assist you with questions or concerns you may have. No inquiry is silly or too big if it concerns you!

In addition, if you are interested, we make an effort  to connect you with someone who has had similar experiences, such as children born at the same gestational age, in the same hospital, and if needed, with the same complications, surgeries and developmental delays as the preemie you are caring for.

Sibling and Grandparent Support

Having a relative in the NICU effects everyone involved. Siblings will have to adjust to the upheaval. Grandparents may want to learn how to best support the parents of preemies and how to handle their own emotions. We distribute “Preemie Sibling” packages and have a dedicated hotline for concerned grandparents seeking information and guidance.

Hospital Rides

Transportation is often very costly and hard to arrange, especially if you are commuting often or are under a lot of stress. Our amazing volunteer members can provide various transportation needs you may have.


Our delicious meals are cooked by devoted volunteers and can be provided depending on circumstances, availability and location.

Weekly Phone Support Group

WeeCare hosts a weekly phone support group for mothers of preemies. Goldie Schechter, a licensed therapist, discusses relevant topics related to preemies. Moms enjoy the camaraderie, warmth and invaluable advice they gain. Periodically, we feature special sessions, such as, medical professionals to provide information and answer your questions. Please join us for a safe, private place to share or just listen. Email us for more information.

Text Group for Mothers of Preemies

WeeCare hosts a text group for mothers of preemies. Join a virtual room for mothers of preemies to ask questions, swap helpful information and gain inspiration. Please call or email WeeCare to join.

Semi Annual Mothers of Preemies Brunch

There is nothing like a room full of preemie moms to make a preemie mom feel at home! Complete with great food, pampering, fun, guest speakers and chizuk, mothers anticipate the brunches for months. Please call or email us to be added to the invitation list.

We are here to support you.

While this site is expansive and informative, connecting with one of our WeeCare representatives can be even more effective and helpful.

If you are a caretaker of a premature child, we encourage you to get in touch with us by phone. (If you know someone who is, please pass on our contact information to them as well.) We have various care packages available, such as, our “Preemie Starter Pack” and offer all of the above-mentioned services, as is applicable. And of course, we are always here to just listen and talk.

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