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Dear Daughter,

Listen and your mother will tell you, the story behind this night,
For the joy we feel today, was preceded by fear and fright,
I want you to know how it started why we’re on cloud number nine,
Listen and your mother will tell you, sweet, sweet child of mine

It began all too early, your premature arrival to Earth
But trust me, my darling, yours was the most miraculous birth,
And though you were tiny and frail, your shrill cry seemed to say,
“I know it’s way too early, but friends I’m here to stay!”

How I wish I could have given an easier, better start
But trust me my precious baby, I carried you in my heart
Not a day went by, little one, that you weren’t foremost on my mind
Worrying, hoping and praying for a miracle of this kind

Weighing in at under two pounds, you fit into the palm of my hand
The wondrous acts of Hashem, we can’t fathom or understand
It broke my heart to pieces to see you alone in your isollette
How I longed to hold you close, but the doctors wouldn’t let

The machines helped you breathe, you were poked and prodded and pried
Every time we left the NICU, we davened, and begged and cried
They called you a micro-preemie, yet you fought like a little cadet
Growing and breathing and fighting, till you won every bet

The doctors were astounded, they said you defied every odd
We told them we weren’t surprised, we put our trust in G-d
The day we brought you home was our family’s happiest one
Your siblings were so elated, you’d think there was no greater fun

How we cherish each moment of life, how we savor each little smile
And though it wasn’t easy, you made oxygen look so in style
You’r a feisty little girl, who’s as stubborn as she is sweet
Curious and inquisitive, you never miss a beat

You fill our lives with meaning, you fill our hearts with love
For you, my little girl, are a precious gift from Above
May each day of your life be a blessing, each moment a special chance
To thank Hashem for His goodness, and erupt in song and dance

May the miracles always be etched upon all our mind’s eye
As your loving parents hope only from nachas to cry
Listen, my beautiful baby. your mother’s words do heed
For you’ve surely shown the world that miracles happen indeed!


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